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Why Work With a Specialist?

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Because a specialist knows your business inside and out. Not just accounting and taxes, but how to manage properly. What works and what doesn’t. A specialist knows what you deal with day in and day out and how to make your life easier. A specialist can draw on hundreds of similar operations and years of experience to help you avoid pitfalls and make more money. Whether you are a small bar operation or a multi-location restaurant chain, a specialist can help you take your concept to the next level.

Kallas meets all the needs of the restaurant/bar owner:

Since 1946, Kallas has been the only accounting firm in Michigan specializing 100% in restaurant/bar operations. No other accounting firm can offer you this level of products, services, expertise and personalized service at such competitive prices.

Does your accountant have the industry expertise?

Can your current accountant answer these questions? If not, maybe it is time to consider getting more value for your accounting dollar. Maybe its time to consider Kallas Restaurant Accounting.

  • What are the standard industry percentages for food cost, rent, labor, and advertising?
  • How can you make more money through menu modeling, menu mix, portion controls, and theft controls?
  • What is unique to the restaurant industry that will allow you breaks on property taxes, workers compensation and unemployment taxes?
  • What is the best tax-wise way to structure the sale of your restaurant or bar, and what common pitfalls should you avoid?
  • What kind of food and bar costs are other similar bars and restaurants running?
  • What three things should you look for first when food or bar costs are too high?
  • What is your restaurant worth in today’s market?
  • What are normal starting wages for a bartender or cook?
  • What new laws and management techniques are working for other restaurant and bar owners?
  • What computer programs are available for restaurants and bars, and which are a waste of time?
  • Is your accountant taking full advantage of the tips credit, the empowerment zone credit, the Welfare to Work and Work Opportunity Credits?
  • Considering the size of your operation, what should you be paying for office and accounting costs?